Web Analytics Big Picture Cloud [eng.]

Web Analytics is a Big Picture, we know that from every eMetrics summit since 2006 and by our own experience. It touches, drives or influences several other disciplines and gets touched by them.

Web Analytics is also a user centric art, as are many of the other disciplines that focus on several Website Goals that are always connected to the user and what he does or doesn’t do, what we offer him to do, and what he does instead.

A common visualization of such touch points and influences is given here to drive the discussion about these influence factors and overlaps as well as to allow other definitions of the big picture being added or suggested instead.

This visualization understands targeting and personalization as 2 very active subjects in online user centricity that rely on user behavioral data and its metrics or attributes.
On the other hand, user experience and optimization is a subject matter for some of the interactive agencies that is a key driver in their interest towards web analytics (Sapient, Wunderman, razorfish and others). Another user centric, but older and currently fulfilling thesis of markets that might also be conversations, brings another substantial part into the picture.

Web Analytics Big Picture Cloud

I would like to know: Do you see other subjects or overlaps? Other parts of the picture or missing sub-disciplines?

Or do you want to add your own idea for a completely different big picture by modifying this visualisation? Everything that you sent here or to my email will be published back and discussed further here.

The Visualisation is a friendly plagiarism of the famous Tag Bubble Visualisation of Web 2.0.

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  1. S.Hamel

    Couple of things missing: business intelligence (or data mining), as more and more web analytics also strive to integrate with other data sources (or the other way around, as you like).

    Another point would be “technology”… in the end, all of this is supported by technology (be it the web site itself, the Internet in general, or even the web analytics solution you are using). Evolution in technology will influence greatly the evolution of the web analytics field.

    Third one: “privacy”, with all the discussions around cookies or Google History and things like that, privacy plays a big role in web analytics.


  2. Ian Houston

    Wow, looks cool. I’ve got a couple more for your cloud.

    “Optimization” towards what works.

    “Facilitation” towards the user’s goal.

    “Personalization” towards the user’s interests.


  3. Oliver Schiffers

    Hi Ian, Stephane,

    personalization is already in it, down left. Optimization should be near WA, you are right (as well as Stephanes privacy).
    I am still not sure where betwenn the other topics BI might fit. It definitely must be in the picture, but I am not sure between which other topics to place it. Any Ideas?
    Ian could you explain “Facilitation” a little bit more?


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