Great news for Web Analytics in Europe

Today at 11:00 am local time big news was announced by Aurelie Pols and Eric Peterson, Founder and CEO of Web Analytics Demystified: Aurelie will from now on not only be on the Board of Advisors of Web Analytics Demystified, Inc, but will also hold the position of a Principal Consultant at the company responsibe for the european presence. She joins the company after her last two stations where her tremendous experience originates, being the Co-Founder and Head of Analytics for Belgium’s OX2 and then as the Director of Analytics for LBi’s global web analytics efforts.

Aurelie said at emetrics: “Today Web Analytics Demystified becomes a truly global practice, and I am happy to be leading the way in Europe. Joining forces with Eric, one of the most renowned and respected consultants in the field today, is thrilling,” said Mrs. Pols. “I look forward to being able to leverage my tactical measurement experience and working with Eric to expand the strategic use of digital analytics around the world.”

I first read about Aurelie when ox2 came to my knowledge as the first Webtrends Insight Partner in Europe. We began commenting on each others blog and exchanged some friendly emails. When we finally met personally at emetrics Düsseldorf in 2006, I learnt fast that we are not only both passionate about our business but also soulmates in many areas beyond Web Analytics.

Eric Peterson stated: “At Web Analytics Demystified our goal is to help companies maximize the value returned from their investment in digital measurement technologies. In the past we have helped companies like Best Buy, Lowes, Disney, ESPN, LEGO, NATO, Shurgard, Anheuser‐Bush Inbev, ING, Toyota Motor Europe, Shering Plough, Bayer, Nestlé, Deutsche Bank, and more make significantly better use of complex technology. Aurélie is an excellent addition to the team and her ability to add value to our clients is immediate.”

Aurelie is clearly one of the people one rarely has the chance to meet: sincere, considerate, intelligent. I recommend working with her to everyone being serious about measuring and optimizing the online business, and

– Aurelie: I wish you all the best for your start into this new era!